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Landscape Painting

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Dutch landscapes, cityscapes or tropical holiday resorts. They can all look breathtaking. But what is the truth about a beautiful landscape? One way or another, we love depths in a landscape. In this workshop, under the guidance of artist Robbert Kiewiet, you will paint landscapes and discover the beauty of depth yourself.

The workshop can be done both indoors and outdoors all year round. Inside, we work on the basis of landscape photos and outside on the basis of the real landscape where we are at that moment.

We start the workshop by looking. What can we see in the photo or in the landscape? What colours do we see? Where is it light and where is it dark? When we have absorbed the landscape well, various painting techniques will be explained that are very important in landscape painting. For example how to paint air, depth and perspective.

After this, the participants get to work with paint, canvas and brushes to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice. After about 2,5 hours the paintings are ready and it is time to admire them. You will be amazed by the results and of course you can take the paintings home!

The prices are indicated per person.