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Murakami Pop Art

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In this workshop the participants will make an individual or group painting in the style of Takashi Murakami. He is a contemporary Japanese artist and his work is very reminiscent of Pop Art. The paintings have a lot of colour and look cheerful.

First everyone sets up a composition, which is chosen in advance. Then the colours are mixed and carefully placed on the painting. To finish off, the contour lines are added with a waterproof pen. An interesting workshop in which many techniques are applied.

After about 3 hours the paintings are ready and it is time to admire them. Powerful colours will shine !

Everyone can paint ! Experience is really not necessary !

When you choose for a common painting, we will of course first put the different canvases next to each other. These are then taken by us and after 3 weeks you can pick them up or we come and deliver them to you.

The prices are indicated per person.